Windgate Vineyards & Winery

Red Wines

Windgate offers a selection of red wines ranging from dry to sweet and all,
with the exception of Concord, are made from our own estate grown grapes.

AMERICANA: A perfect pairing of Niagara and Concord grapes bursts with favor to please the palate.

AMISH COUNTRY RED: A proprietary blend of French hybrids produces this sweet, medium-bodied wine with just a hint of oak. It is perfect with spaghetti and red sauces.

CONCORD: One of our most popular red wines. The classic taste of American “grapiness” is captured in this sweet wine.
EYE OF THE BUCK: Named after a deer who ate the young vineyard soon after it was planted in 1972, this popular dry red blend is robust yet well- balanced with plum and Bing cherry richness and aged in oak.
FORT MAHONING RED: Semi-sweet and full of flavor. It will turn any meal into a special memory.

GUYASUTA RED: “The Chief” The perfect semi-dry red to accompany any red meat dish. Light-bodied with fruity overtones.

SHAMOKIN RED: A fruity, full-bodied blend designed to accompany Italian food.
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